Financial Challenges and Opportunities


Financial Challenges
People with a disability and their supporters face a distinct set of financial challenges throughout their lives. For one, they typically have higher medical bills and living expenses than most people. These extra demands on cash flow may affect the financial stability and lifestyle of the family. To maximize cash flow, families need to take advantage of all available government programs and tax breaks.

Second, while individuals with a disability need to accumulate assets for the future just like everyone else, they may come up against a wall in doing so. The dilemma is that if they earn more than a certain low threshold, income from government programs may be cut back. Fortunately, there are legitimate strategies to minimize these restrictions.

A third concern is the prospect of how the disabled individual will be taken care of upon the death (or disability) of a key caregiver. Complicating matters is the fact that income from an inheritance could erode government benefits for the individual. Again, solutions are available through effective planning with a professional advisor.

How IPC can help
At Investment Planning Counsel, our mission is to help families plan for financial security and live their dreams. We have the specialized expertise and disciplined process to address all aspects of a client’s financial life. Since our inception in 1994 we have advised families in all kinds of situations, including many living with a disability.


When a family member has a serious disability, it is imperative that an integrated approach to finances be taken – not just with the various financial planning areas for the individual but also the family as a whole. It is also important that any specialists involved do not work in isolation without an understanding of the full picture. Through our network of specialists, we can connect you with the people you need to see, while acting as the intermediary who knows your complete family situation and is committed to your long-term security.

Members of our IPC team will sit down with your family to discuss your aspirations and concerns, help you articulate your goals and then develop a plan to achieve them. The overall plan we design, called your Personal Wealth Management Strategy, serves as the blueprint for recommendations of products, services and advice. It covers portfolio management, risk management, a banking review, estate and tax planning and regular progress reviews after that to keep you moving toward your goals.

Financial Opportunities
For a family member with a disability, we will focus on a number of specific strategies to build up assets, minimize tax and create an estate plan.