Who qualifies for a RDSP? 

Ken White, EPCKen White
Branch Manager

Ken has been a professional wealth management advisor since 1992. He has been helping clients grow, manage and protect their assets. This requires continued attention and contributions from all team members, most importantly the client. Ken encourages regularly planned reviews and provides clients access to their portfolios online.

With the introduction of Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs), the federal government has now made it possible for someone dependent on their disability benefits to invest for retirement with large sums of money without affecting their disability, OAS or GIS payments. Tax-sheltered contributions of up to $200,000 and very generous tax grants and bonds of up to $90,000 per person are available. Individuals who cannot afford to make any investments may still qualify for up to $20,000.

What Ken’s clients have to say...

"Thank you ever so much Ken, for all of your help, not only for my son and I, but for my clients. You are amazing!! So giving of your time and talents. That means a lot to me, as it takes a very dedicated person who is willing to give of themselves to those who need services, and don't always have the pocketbooks full to pay for them. So, I thank you!" - Laura Knoll, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, March of Dimes Canada, Mississauaga, ON.

"I had read up on RSDPs before, and another planner had explained them to us as well, but you did so in a way that really made it clear to me. I had previously been undecided on whether or not to invest in RDSPs, and after listening to you it was clear that it was what I wanted to do. Thank you." - John P., Mississauga, ON.

"Being concerned parents of a fine young man with an accepted disability, it was suggested that we pursue the Registered Disability Savings Plan. Our preferred approach was originally to consolidate this with our local well-known bank in 2012, where our son had been a client for many years.

In the absence of knowledgeable staff, we defaulted to Ken White of Investment Planning Counsel/ Guelph Financial based on a recommendation from Disability Estate Management Specialist at Miller Thompson in Guelph. The RDSP set up went very smoothly and we are extremely pleased with both the personal service and with the grant and bond money received!" - R&J Douglas, Fergus, ON

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