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Why You Should Start an RDSP Now

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  • You visited my house 2 weeks ago to speak to my brother and I about RDSPs. I received my letter from Mackenzie Investments on Tuesday, and wanted to thank you. I had read up a little on RDSPs before, and another planner had explained them to us as well, but you did so in a way that really made it clear to me. I had previously been undecided on whether or not to invest in RDSPs, and after listening to you it was clear that it was what I wanted to do. Thank you.

    – John P.
  • We appreciate the info Ken provided to promote the Registered Disability Savings Plan to many families of campers with special needs. All parents want to know that their child will have a financially secure future, and that with RDSPs there can be additional income later in life.

    – J. Harrison